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 Power Thoughts

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PostSubject: Power Thoughts   Power Thoughts EmptyWed Jun 04, 2014 4:54 pm

I have something important to add to this thread.  I'll append it here as an opening addendum:
The following are great power thoughts to help get you through, however, Jesus promises peace.  A truly peaceful mind is a quiet one.  Demons interject themselves in our minds.  If you are truly a Christian, then you have the peace of Christ simply because He said it and since He said it, you have a legal spiritual right to peace.  Jesus binds demons.  So the test of a peaceful mind is simply to see if you can go with a completely cleared mind.  Try clearing your mind completely.  Don't use these power thoughts in this assessment.  You have perfect peace, therefore you were given the power to completely clear your mind even during those times that you are normally fearful.  If you find that you cannot clear your mind completely, then you need to bind up the demonic spirits in Christ.  Address the spirits.  Don't simply mask them with medication.  Address them in Christ that they must leave.  So test your minds.  This is the test.  Clear it, and have no thoughts.  

I am going to share a version of my Anxiety Solution document of statements that I have accumulated over the years that have helped me get through the day and think soundly.  You want to focus on truth and ignore the lie that anxiety or depression is telling you.  Not that it matters, but I believe I authored all the statements.  My statements are personalized to me and my issue.  Many should be relevant to most people.  Skim the list, especially when you are having a bad day and select two or three to meditate on for the rest of your day.  It is good to keep a journal of your own power thoughts.  If a certain thought comes to mind that got you through the day, write it down.  Now without further ado, here it is:

• In Christ, you have a legal right to peace.

• Confidence makes ridicule obsolete.

• Perfect love casts out all fear.

• Because God loves me perfectly, I have no fear.

• Who does the LORD see you as?--whose love surpasses all understanding.

• Peace is given, not discovered.

• How you felt would direct your perception of Truth.

• This moment is the Lord’s.

• When you are weak, the Lord is strong.

• Fear’s panic attack is truth.

• Truth does not put you down.

• One must pursue confidence and peace without pride.

• You are truly free when you don’t have to answer to anyone but God and see truth only.

• To fully understand the lie of fear underscores one's full understanding of the truth of peace.

• When you are feeling down, know that truth sees you better than you do.

• You be the first to compliment you.  

• Now I can be one; whole with God.

• There is no awkwardness with God.

• Any negativity of self is a lie. Fear does not want me to see myself in a positive light.

• Anxiety wants to irrationally attempt to impress everyone, and yet demoralize self to everyone.

• Internalize self apart from others’ perspectives; as opposed to projecting self externally into their perspective.  

• See your perspective ONLY!!!!!

• It is okay to check yourself, but never okay to get another’s opinion or validation.

• Having done this, now you can fill self with love, confidence and peace because it is not coming from without, but from within only.  The love of God is within.  Correct this then no attachments; no attachments, then no fear; no fear, then a controlled, graceful, and confident walk.  

• Before getting up, do not look around to access surroundings.

• Say, “So what?!?!”

• They don’t care about what I think.  Graduate the “So What” Program.  

• Nobody’s opinion of me matters.  Cut off all cares of opinions.  

• Cut off other’s perspectives.  

• If I see from my perspective only, then it does not matter what anyone else thinks.  

• If you TRULY cut off their perspective, the dread gets cut off as well.

• No one’s presence is too formidable that their perspective cannot be cut off.  

• I am able to take center stage.  

• You can’t take them away, but you can take away their perspective of you.

• Enjoy and accept the moment.  It is the opposite of finding escape routes.  

• This is the day the LORD has made. Let us rejoice and be glad in it.

• BAD-Breathe, Drop (thought), Act  --it is just muscles tensing up.  

• Make up mind beforehand to not worry.

• Be determined to be free and to make up mind beforehand to not worry.  

• To make up mind beforehand means first steps are taken care of.  

• All zones are safe zones. All people are safe. All moments are safe. Even now is safe.

• Do not listen to a lie. SNUFF OUT ALL LIES. Pray away all lies.

• The love of God and fear don’t mix.  For where there is one denotes that the other is absent.

• Drop all subtle impurities as they come up.  

• Focus on letting go of all attachments.

• Perfect love breaks attachments.

• To receive God’s perfect peace, your soul must agree with God’s Spirit and His Word.

• Identify the fear spirit and say to it, “God perfectly loves this temple.” With the Rhema Word declared, your soul agrees and fear leaves.  

• God’s love is everywhere.

• Lies can only feel real.  They cannot be real.

• Do not feed lies. Feed truth.  

• The flesh operates in a lie.

• Truth—there is no difference between being at home and anywhere else.

• Truth ALWAYS overrides feelings.

• Operate only from the realm of peace.

• To consider walking a drudgery is a lie.

• God gave you power over all lies.

• [An attachment is a “how am I doing” question to others rather than confirming it myself.]  

• Do not hide!!!! Mentally or physically.

• Peace is only found where fear hangs out.

• Do not entertain shortcuts.  

• It is a lie to run from a lie.

• How the flesh feels is not indicative of the power you have.

• I’m going to show the flesh God’s agenda.

• God allows a bad day for a learning experience.

• Knowing who you are in Christ gives you divine license to remain in peace.

• It’s not based on how you feel.

• The flesh knowing fear is irrelevant when the mind knows the Spirit.

• Do not attribute to another person power they don’t have; power that God did not give them.

• Self-negativity is a lie.

• Self-regression is a lie.

• Empower yourself with the power God gave you.

• Jesus healed you. Jesus empowers you.

• I will make up my mind beforehand to not worry.  

• I will go with one prayer in Jesus over the confidence of 1,000 sinners.

• You just have to get up with confidence and accept whatever you got as if you were at home.

• You do not read minds.

• Today’s power does not rely on yesterday’s failures or successes.

• Do not bow down in fear to anyone.

• Healing never comes within the confines of your home.

• God did not give the spirit of fear: just as God did not give power over anyone that I would have to bow down in fear to, so too God did not give fear itself power that I should bow to it. Fear has no power over me who is in Christ.

• Father bless my initial steps with grace and power that my other steps may follow; in Christ I pray, Amen.

• Do not fear non-perfection.

• Let others reject or bash you, not yourself. As long as you don’t, = success.

• Do not assume others looking at you mean anything or will take away your strength.

• To whom of these should I bow down in fear to? To whom of these did God give power over me?

• By feeling comfortable in your own skin you win. Feel good about self.

• They have no power at all.

• Your position in Christ gives you power: Jesus’ power.

• Empower no one.

• Self-negativity only comes when in the presence of others.  Most likely because I do not know them or really know myself and my potential before them.

• It is all about accepting self.

• To sum all of these up: believe in yourself and that you’ve been empowered by God.

• Meditating on depressed thoughts cannot heal depression. Meditate only on peace to be set free from anxiety.

• Accept your current state as how you would walk if you were at home.

• Feel comfortable in your own skin and you will have no fear at all.

• Do not believe the negative thoughts.

• Do not ponder others’ peace, it only weakens you.

• Consider the constants of peace: you are comfortable in your own skin; you do not fear others; you don’t question self.  

• The big lie: that somehow everyone else has a freedom that I don’t have.

• You have two choices: you can either believe the negative thoughts, or you can believe the good things that God says about you.  

• If you avoid places, people, or find the quick escape, that creates mental locks without realizing.

• When you feel your mind in an excited state, calm it down.

• You need an acceptance vibe.  You have that vibe with your immediate family.  And you don’t have to be accepted or liked to have this vibe.  It is about how you perceive others.  Accept them first.

• Do not look for the “safe moment” to act.  That only weakens you.  Strength comes from going with intended confidence and success.  Every moment is a safe moment.

• Do not think for others.  Do not assume another’s thought.  

• Without fear, your walk is set and perfect and natural.  Believe that.

• Utilize your big black Jesus vault to dispose of negative thoughts.  Put on the whole armor of God, and hiccups are okay.

• A mental attachment [which I link to certain people or places] to sensory stimulus overload [the people or places] is what must be broken.  Sometimes it is a mental attachment to a future event.  

• What always happens with anxiety is your mind locks onto the person, place or future thought.  So always unlock your mind: drop the focus.  

• Confidence is a feeling that nothing is wrong. (vs. anx. which is a feeling that something is wrong.)

• Life without fear is confidence.

• Daily synaptic pruning and positive addition.

• Attachments either seek approval or fear disapproval.

• Just say cut with all the thoughts that lead to sensory overload.  

• What you need is not a gain of anything, but rather, a lack of fear (mental attachment). Because with fear, any confidence gained only covers up the fear.  It is not about gaining confidence, it is about the losing fear.

• Since everything is always right, you are always ready to go.

• Attachment seeks validation.  Do not seek validation.

• Going with confidence without seeking to be liked by anyone is good.  Be confident.

• Let confidence be internally derived only.  It must be detached from all externals.

• If you love you and feel good about yourself, you don’t need anyone else to love you or to feel good about you.

• It is not my job to determine what’s natural, God determines that.  Any attempt to do so adds to sensory overload.

• Do not negate before you initiate.

• Confidence naturally modifies and corrects ataxia.

• Confidence is a decision of the will.

God calls you to be in every moment and be confident.

• There is nothing negative about you.

• Do not fear anything that might threaten confidence.

• Envision greatness.

• You are able regardless of the situation, regardless of how you feel.

• Anxiety vs. no anxiety is the feeling (it’s just a feeling) that: something is wrong vs. nothing is wrong.

• Never think that something is wrong with me through the eyes of another person.

• To go with confidence without seeking to be liked (or, without validation for the confidence) by anyone is good.

• Know that the source of confidence is never external—so don’t seek anyone’s confirmation or approval.

• There is no failure with confidence.

• A feeling of confidence overrides all anxiety.  

• A lack of worry equates to complete self-control.

• Live in the moment; enjoy the moment.

• Success for changing a deep-seated negative thinking pattern comes in small parts.  So celebrate small victories, and never ever think you failed at anything no matter how you felt you did.  Feelings lie.

• Negative feelings beget and strengthen negative feelings.  Feelings lie.  Feelings are naïve because they believe whatever you tell them.  Feelings are able to change if you consistently tell them to.

• There is no such thing as having failed at something.  Every moment is another opportunity for healing and doing well.

• What anx thinks is not reality nor is it rational.  Reality is peace—Jesus said so.

• Confidence is an absence of fear. It is an absence of thoughts attuned to what others are thinking. Confidence is knowing that you can do all things through Christ.  Confidence is a clearness of the mind.  Confidence is a feeling that nothing is wrong.
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